You Have to Be Wrong to Be Wise

It is quite rare but some of us love to grow and evolve our knowledge and opinions -and we never stop. We seek clarity above all else and along the way we learn that if we’re willing to admit we’re wrong on a regular basis, clarity happens. When we fight being wrong and hold fast to our beloved viewpoints, we get stagnant and start to atrophy. We suffocate on the foolishness we’ve become emotionally attached to and invested in.

Facing being wrong head on is, I think, the only way to grow into the person of wisdom we have the potential to become. This means staying true to the Higher Path, which demands complete self honesty from us. Wisdom only grows when we’re willing to look at the faults in our logic with complete honesty and learn.

In my ongoing quest for self mastery and mental clarity, my realizations of being wrong about things is proof I’m moving forward on the Path. I like this evidence; it tells me I’m getting clearer.

There’s always dead matter in our minds that needs to be flushed so that new ideas can take root and flourish. Only the unwise believe they have no more growing to do. Short of physical death or un/consciousness issues, there should be no end point to our deepening and evolving inner voice of wisdom. If we’re not getting wiser then it means we’re not staying true to the Higher Path.

I know it’s a radical view to take, but if we have the capacity to grow in wisdom and clarity -and we don’t do the work necessary to make that happen, then I believe we’re failures as human beings. We may be smart but if we’re unwise and mentally stagnant we’re no doubt attached to our own ignorance…so we’re sure as heck not intelligent. If we’re not growing in wisdom, we’re fools. End of story.



Faeries, Unicorns and the Right to be an Asshole

In the magical queendom of fairy dust and unicorns, the faery “queen”
has no right to forbid the lower order faeries from being assholes. As a
faery, you have the right to be an asshole as long as you don’t attack
or otherwise violate other faeries.  

“Assholes not allowed” is tyranny, no matter how warm and fuzzy it makes you feel.  

As soon as the faeries get together and grant some “queen” beeeatch the
power to punish faeries whose only crime is being stupid assholes, it is
GUARANTEED that all faery hell will break loose. The unicorns and the
assholes will be eaten and the faery dust will be hoarded by those with

Who is the real asshole in this picture? Hmmm I wonder.
Boycott faery assholes; don’t grant rights to “queens” that they do not possess.

Slaves Depend on Their Master for Survival Until They Free THEMSELVES!


I realize that sometimes my lack of support for the state makes it
appear that I am for some backward, ignorant world where <gasp>
rights are not legislated. But it isn’t a world of ignorance I advocate;
it is a world so free of ignorance that everyone “keeps the peace”
without needing their rights legislated by the state.

And I am not naive; people who are still conditioned to slave
consciousness (the need for “rights” to be controlled by an outside
authority/master), actually NEED their
masters until they ARE free. It would indeed be chaos for those of us
who have disowned our power to such a radical degree that we can’t even
imagine surviving without anyone legislating our rights for us. This is
the purpose of domestication; to make us entirely dependent on our

Without first de-conditioning from slave
consciousness, we simply lack the inner wherewithal to rule ourselves as
free people. Domesticated and conditioned slaves depend on their master
for survival. This is exactly how it has always been (kings and serfs

Some of us are obviously a lot freer from the
domestication protocols than others, and a lot more capable of self
rule. We have a long way to go. A truly free society can only emerge
from a truly free people, as an organic extension of our own inner
evolution. But I do think it is possible, and it might even happen.

No, I don’t support legislation or anything by the state because I
don’t support masters or kings, even the benevolent ones that rule over
their charges with “care,” “justice” and “generosity.” I support people
waking up and reclaiming their disowned Power and Responsibility.
Nothing short of this will “do” for me.

Bippity Boppity Boo, Rights are NEVER New!


There is no fairy godmother anywhere in this magical universe who can grant you rights you don’t already have.

Rights are like love and vibes and healing heart rays -they are inherent attributes within you.

If someone tells you they want to “work real hard” to get you “the rights you deserve,” recognize them for what they ARE: sorcerers of dark magic with an agenda to enslave your mind.



The Choice to End the Violence


The desensitization of violence and the relabeling and renaming of violent actions into things that appear to be warm and fuzzy -and all about peace- make the grokking of natural law (karma or simply the natural consequences of wrong and right action) a true FEAT of incredible persistence and will!

But unraveling the violent conditioning of our barbaric ancestors is required for evolution. We are not going anywhere till we learn, understand and EMBODY the wisdom to make our choices consciously, with a full grasp of the consequences of our choices.

When we make choices consciously, we are aware of the consequences of those choices. WE ARE AWAKE in our choices. And..when we are choosing consciously we always have a preference to cause GOOD in the moment of making that choice.

The chaos and unnecessary suffering that we see today is the natural consequence of unconscious choice, which is choice made with NO awareness of consequences (consequentially ignorant) and NO preference for causing harmlessness over causing harm.

Our barbaric ancestors are still living in our actions, and in our choices. Desensitized to violence, we legitimize violence without even knowing we are doing so.

It isn’t only in the obvious ways, such as war, democracy and government power, that we need to stop legitimizing violence and stop embodying our barbarian ancestors. It is in the tiny actions we take, our ordinary every day actions and the smallest choices we make.This is where we find our evolutionary means, our POWER and our ENLIGHTENED HEART.

Right where we are, within our homes and real life communities, we need to practice and model radical nonviolence in all the small, every day choices we make, with the words we speak, with the businesses we trade with, and with each other.

If we ALL do this, and many already are, we will break free from our barbaric roots and the chains of mental slavery that are holding us back from rising to our highest potential as a species.

We have the potential within us to become so much more than anything we can even imagine.

It may take a thousand years; it may catch like wildflowers.

Whichever it is, it starts RIGHT NOW with YOU and ME.

You are probably a morally confused TWIT and don’t even know it!

Morally confused people -people that lack and therefore DO NOT embody a clear understanding of right action and wrong action, and the specific differences between the two – get their rights and wrongs mixed up.

They make bad choices, they empower wrong action in others and they generally make a big mess..however they typically refuse to hold themselves accountable -because they are too clueless to see that the mess is theirs.

Morally confused people often believe they “aren’t doing anything wrong” when they ARE doing something wrong. This is why they can’t take the blame, not that they even believe in blame to begin with… because many morally confused people believe there is no such thing as wrong and right action, so if there is no wrong action there can be no blame.

Don’t believe in Karma? Too bad because Karma believes in you. Whether you like it or not, wrong action generates chaos and suffering. And since we are all connected and sharing this one small home in space,YOUR wrong action, whether you know it wrong or not, effects the rest of us. So please get a clue!

The karma I am referring to isn’t about past life accumulation of karmic debt, which I am familiar with as I studied Yoga for over 30 years. Actually this view of karma sometimes gets misinterpreted, and causes some to  (wrongly) believe that starving people, suffering innocents, child victims and so on have done something horrendous in a past life to deserve their misfortune. I absolutely in no way hold this view of karma!

I am talking about karma as an inherent natural law that orders or organizes the natural consequences of ALL choice. All choice has consequences that affect EVERYTHING ELSE -because we are all connected. Wrong action (violence) has natural consequences of suffering and chaos. Right action (nonviolence) has natural consequences of peace and goodness. Right action is action we have the right to take; wrong action is never OK to take.

Wrong Action is Violent Action; where there is no harm there is no wrong, no crime. Why do you think the majority of prisoners in the US are there for nonviolent “crimes?”

Do you honestly believe that if the majority of Americans were NOT morally confused this INJUSTICE would continue? This injustice in the prison industry is but one karmic consequence of the legitimization of violence that most people in this country support by way of their confusion and moral relativism.

Many people do not know what right action actually IS, because as a society we have been so desensitized to violence that most of us don’t recognize the violence that has been disguised as something else; order, keeping the peace, law enforcement, preemptive strike, voting to have rights taken away from others, believing that laws that grant rights that don’t exist should be followed etc…Most of us give our support if not through Brut force then through some unconscious support of the Brut force over others.

I think knowing and understanding rights is essential Human Life 101 that EVERYONE needs. We ALL have the same exact rights, and those rights need to be understood and embodied if we are to EVER evolve beyond legitimized violence.

It seems to gives people comfort to believe there is no such thing as rights and wrongs. Why IS that?

Action is Karma


When action is flowing from a pure source of
Love and Inner Truth, Nonviolence and Conscience, it is Right Action. It
is action that brings more goodness and beauty into the world.

When action is originating from a mind that is corrupted by lies and
ignorance, and a heart that is (therefore) blocked from Love and is
gripped by fear instead, it is Wrong Action. It is action that brings
more suffering and ugliness into the world.

Do not do to others what you don’t want others to do to you!
Karma Happens 100% of the time!
And I like the witch’s creed as well:
Do as you want and harm none.

Those who lack understanding of Karma -of the difference between Right
and Wrong Action – can’t HELP but to create chaos and suffering all
around them, usually unconsciously because some outside authority,
spiritual leader or government official has told them that their Wrong
Action is Right Action…and they believe it without question.

My understanding of Right and Wrong Action (i.e. rights):

What are rights?
*Doing as I want but harming none; nonviolent action is Right Action.

Why is knowing about rights important to me?

*Because living in such a way that my actions don’t bring suffering and
ugliness into the world is virtuous, and living virtuously and
Karma-aware is a very good thing for myself and those around me. Only by
living virtuously can my life be a blessing for myself and others.

How do I step off the wheel of backward Karma and flow purely from Love?

*Simple: I don’t do things to others that I wouldn’t want them doing to
me. I know and exercise my rights and I respect the rights of others.